Tutti continuano a parlare che Harley Davidson possa applicare un raffreddamento ad acqua, ma non c’è niente come un brevetto per mostrarci che cosa stanno architettando. Charles da Strasburgo mi ha inviato una nota su questo brevetto che hanno appena realizzato, e abbastanza affidabile, si tratta di piani di Harley Davidson per il raffreddamento ad acqua delle teste sui loro modelli Touring nascondendo il sistema di raffreddamento all’interno delle porzioni scudo della carenatura.

harley davidson water cooled heads

harley davidson water cooled heads

Il sistema di raffreddamento, composto da 2 radiatori con ventole e tubi nascosti all’interno della carenatura. Una pompa dell’acqua è situata al centro anteriore e inferiore del telaio.

harley davidson water cooled heads harley davidson water cooled heads

I passaggi dell’acqua all’interno delle teste sono piuttosto essenziali, un semplice ciclo che trasporta il refrigerante più o meno lungo i condotti  prima di ritornare al radiatore.

harley davidson water cooled heads

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Harley Davidson Water Cooled Heads Patent – Updated. By Paul Crowe. Harley Davidson V-Twin with water cooled heads. Everyone keeps talking about Harley Davidson making the move to water cooling, but there’s nothing like a patent to show us what they’re up to. Charles from Strasbourg sent me – Over two years ago we showed you the Harley Davidson Patent for a water cooled head design and it looks like it just arrived with their new Twin Cooled™ High Output Twin Cam 103 – Young kids quoting horsepower numbers and graphs from the latest magazine tests will be vindicated. On the other – The Harely-Davidson water cooled engine US patent also shows the cooling system to be as hidden as possible with a flexible radiator, water pump and fans designs allow different mounting applications. CYLINDER HEAD COOLING SYSTEM. Abstract. A cylinder head for a motorcycle engine, which has a pair of cylinder – Harley-Davidson looks to a form of liquid-cooling to bring its Big Twins up to future emissions standards – However, this was not Willie G.’s first foray into radiator design. His original design on the little known Harley-Davidson Nova is radical, functional and out-of-sight. The Factory may make a very smooth move indeed by incorporating its patented Nova radiator designs on traditional looking water-cooled Harley-Davidson’s